It has been discovered that studying in Benin Republic is not very affordable to everyone with the high standards of living, although most foreign students yearn for the education, others are interested but due to work conditions cannot make it to study residentially. Hence the inception of the ESGT-Benin University Online degree Programme, which promises to breach the gap between these people and make education accessible to all.

This programme of studies is the same as that offered for full-time students of the University. The only difference is that it is designed primarily to suit those in the working class whose schedules limits them, whose financial condition and other situations may not permit them to undergo full-time studies in Benin Republic.
There are two aspects of the online program:

  • These students read their study-packs at their convenience, communicate with their lecturers from time to time, and only come down to the school one week in a semester for examination.
  • Here, the mode of study is purely online, i.e. students get their study-packs from the schools portal, study at their convenience and write their examinations online too.
    Note: For the online examination, all questions would have options for each questions for students to select and each question is allotted specific time duration and once the time elapse, it will move to the next question. There will not be enough time during the examination like those in the residents study. Finally, result is given immediately after the exam.


  • Appointment letter from place of work
  • A letter from a principal staff at work place for attestation of working in the organisation.
  • Student must be 30years and above
  • O‚ÄôLevel certificate
  • Birth certificate or Age declaration

  • International passport or any mode of identification showing your nationality