25 May



It is no new thing that the BSc result is seen as a top-notch certification especially in Nigerian. Other certifications like HND and its likes are seen as incompetent and given little  attention especially in the workforce today, some companies even go as far as not even accepting applications from other degrees apart from BSc certifications.  This however has made these degree-holders feel inferior and look for other means to get a BSC no matter how long and stressful it took.  The bottom line of this is that, these students have to spend at least 2 or 3 years in a University to get a BSc equivalent in Nigeria.

ESGT-Benin University is one of the best universities in Benin Republic. We take responsibility of our students, to ensure they become successful In their various fields of work.  we are glad to inform you that our prestigious University has begun a degree conversion program. This program can be done both in Campus and online as you're very convenient,  and it runs for a duration of just one year.  lectures and exams would be very convenient as  your comfort is our priority.

Also, taking on the degree
conversion program in our school  is the best option because you will certainly get your certificate exactly after one year.  We are free of delays from strikes,  riots and others. With us, one year is one year.

Finally, we are glad to inform you that our master's degree programs are officially open and  admissions ongoing. The program choices ranges from Humanities, Sciences and Engineering.