25 May


It is a well known fact that getting admission into a university is a big deal, and being able to cover all tuition cost is the greater deal especially when it’s in another country. Studying in Benin Republic is easy but not everyone can adequately cover tuition and housing cost, which becomes a huge challenge.

ESGT-Benin University is one of the trailblazing universities in Benin Republic, consisting of good student lecturer relationship, conducive environment with comfortable and sizable lecture rooms.

Furthermore, the cost of studying at ESGT-Benin University for new intake is very affordable as compared to other universities in the country. It is approximately Two hundred and twenty five thousand(210,000) naira for all departments with tuition and hostel inclusive for each session. The payment method is so flexible that it allows as low as forty percent (40%) payment and you can start your educational journey with us.

ESGT BENIN UNIVERSITYAlso, because we are very concerned about education, we strive to make sure it’s easy and comfortable for students intending to be a part of our community. Therefore, in relation to the above, we have decided that for the first one hundred (200) new students to enroll in each session, they will automatically be considered for a scholarship in the school to reduce the tuition cost for them.

Finally, we believe that everyone has the right to be educated and shouldn’t have any limitations to getting educated. We can’t wait to have you in our school were you’d get subsidized education with quality and comfort.

Contact: +22961483075(calls, whatsapp and telegram) for more details.