22 Jun

ESGT Online/Distant Learning Programme

In today’s world, education should be readily available and accessible by all. Most times, people long to attend university and get a degree, but due to some conditions especially when the university is outside the country, it becomes very difficult. Some persons have jobs and at such can not leave their jobs as it is their means of survival and livelihood. For others, they cannot cover the living cost of the country as it is expensive for their capability.
At Ecole Superieur de Gestion et de Technologie University, we are very interested in the education, and ensuring affordable and comfortable educational system for everyone. We are happy to inform you of our Distance Learning Program. This program is for those working class individuals who can not afford traveling down to Benin Republic for their Studies, due to be either lack of finance to sustain them in the country, or due to work since they cannot quit their jobs.
The Distance Learning Program would work completely online, from the comfort of your home.
Lecture materials, test and assignments would also be sent and conducted online too, through the guidance of the lectures. The only time you’ll need to travel down to Benin Republic is for exams and afterwards graduation.  Although, there are criteria for this program, one of which is
that the individual must be above 30 to apply and strictly for working class individuals.
We are here to make education easy and accessible by all.